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Men’s Sober Living at Five Points

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Five Points has offered quality sober living in Huntington Beach since 2002. Located at Five Points, where Beach Boulevard, Ellis, and Main Street intersect from the pier, Five Points is ideally located near transportation, shopping, entertainment, and necessary amenities. Just a short bicycle ride to downtown Huntington Beach and the Huntington Beach pier, there is always something constructive and entertaining to do when not working or attending to recovery needs. Such activities consist of the weekly Tuesday evening street fair which offers various world renowned foods and creative products, the yearly US Open surf competition, and the Fourth of July parade. Five Points is walking distance to many local recovery meetings, the beach, and the beautiful Huntington Beach library which is in the center of Huntington Beach Central Park.

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Five Points offers clean and structured housing for men in recovery and provides the accountability and life skills that are necessary for building a useful and purposeful life.  Five Points’ structure is designed to mimic a functioning person’s schedule  by requiring guests to work and be out of the house Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., attend a minimum of three out-of-the house meetings weekly, along with a mandatory house meeting on Thursday evening from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., where issues and successes of recovery are discussed. Job search, outpatient treatment, school, and voluntary work also count as work.  It is through such activities that men gain self-esteem and the confidence that is necessary in building and maintaining a functioning sober life.  The first Sunday of each month there is a mandatory monthly cleaning meeting that is from 9 a.m. until completed in order to keep the residence in the immaculate condition that guests find attractive; otherwise, chores are assigned weekly to be maintained daily.

Five Points units are nicely furnished with granite kitchen and bathroom counters, hardwood and tile flooring, and comfortable bedding.  Guests stay anywhere from two to three months to one to two years.  Although there is no maximum length of stay, there is a monthly minimum which helps to secure the stability of the environment.

Five Points is highly structured, serious about recovery, and expects participation from its guests. The no-nonsense environment is for those who demand superiority and a quality sober living environment while establishing and maintaining a firm foundation on which to build their life.

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